State mortgages are those loans obtained in a specific state. They are not a type of mortgage, but only the statement that you want to find a mortgage in your home state. Every state has mortgage lenders and each lender’s terms may vary slightly. Many types of mortgages can be located in any state.

The opposite of state mortgages are mortgages obtained from a big-name nationwide mortgage lender who services all states. Here, you will be dealing with a larger mortgage company based somewhere you may never have been in your whole life. Of course, these mortgages, regardless of the states covered, get a lot of visibility because they advertise on national television all the time. Now, certainly in some cases, a national lender may suit your needs better than state mortgages found from a small local lender. But without proper research, simply running to the big-name lender, you will never know if you could have gotten the same or even a better deal from a local mortgage lender.

We have researched state mortgages in some popular states and listed these for your review. If your state is not yet listed here, you can research state mortgages in your state by simply going to any common search engine and inputting “city, state” and “mortgages” or if you know the type of mortgages you want to research, you may want to input specific terms instead of just “mortgage lenders”.

Internet based mortgages, whether state mortgages or not, can be a solution for many and some of those will actually be located near your home. Local banks and other mortgage lenders are other ways to find good state mortgages.

However you choose to locate your mortgage, you might consider this: if you obtain your mortgage locally, you are helping the economy in your own state rather than the economy of another state. Every dollar paid toward mortgages in your state, or even your home town, are being paid into your local and state economy!

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