Illinois mortgage rates are high and increasing! No -- not necessarily the interest rate on the mortgage itself, but the amount of mortgage loans that are being issued! Chicago is a hot market and growing rapidly! This is due in part to the growing economy of the state of Illinois, especially around Chicago, Illinois.

What makes a good mortgage loan rate? There are many factors which play a large roll in deciding on the best mortgage loan for you. Here, we will talk about mainly those in Chicago and Illinois, but many of these things hold true for cities all across the country.

Illinois mortgages are hot because Chicago is growing. More and more families are moving to the Illinois area because they can find jobs there. This is a huge factor in the mortgage business because where there are jobs, there are people ready and willing to purchase homes and obtain mortgage loans as well.

Chicago, Illinois is growing, as is that of its suburban surroundings. All the suburbs of Chicago are growing rapidly to accommodate this influx. In many areas, layoffs continue, yet Chicago as of the summer of 2005 has plenty of jobs. That is one solid reason why individuals and families are looking for Illinois mortgage loans.

Another reason that keeps Illinois in the top levels of mortgage loans as far as quantities is that there is a wide base of culture within the Chicago and the state of Illinois. And besides, who doesn’t want to run into Oprah while shopping?

There are still other reasons to obtain an Illinois mortgage. Because this is such a growing area, mortgage companies want a piece of the mortgage dollar and open up shop in locations like Illinois. This means that you will have no trouble finding a mortgage lender, assuming you are qualified credit-wise for a mortgaged home in the state of Illinois. When there are so many mortgage lenders as there currently are in Illinois that means that there is competition which is driving down the costs! 

There is no doubt that one of the best places to live is in Chicago, Illinois. Illinois has a lot of new construction as well as older homes for sale.

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