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The mortgage business covers every area of the process of lending money to people who wish to purchase homes for themselves and their families. Not only can you get into the mortgage business as a broker, but you could also become a lender, loan processor, servicing expert, or another of the many areas of the mortgage business in this wide range of business career choices.

Do you enjoy helping people? Then perhaps the part of the mortgage business you’d enjoy is becoming a broker or loan officer. You will be challenged to locate loans for people, working directly with them, usually face-to-face in a business setting.

Are you an introvert or do you prefer to be in the background shuffling reams of paperwork for months on end? Then perhaps you’d prefer one of the areas of mortgage business that is not so customer-oriented, such as servicing, verifying credit and handling paperwork.

If you really want to get into the loan industry in a big way, become a mortgage lender! This is one of the most lucrative segments in the business since everyone wants to own a home, but it does take a bit of effort to get into this area. Some states set requirements that are more stringent than other states, so verify your state’s requirements.

The mortgage arena always needs mortgage leads and many new companies are popping up every day.

There are more jobs in the service areas and the support functions of the mortgage business than you can imagine. To help you find the one that best fits you, we have provided details on some of the most popular mortgage business careers. Note that from state to state certain requirements for license and credentials may vary, so be certain to check for your state’s exact requirements!

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