A mortgage finder is one of two types of online tools to help you in your mortgage search. The first type of online mortgage finder will ask you some simple questions and, with that information, the mortgage finder locates sources for your further investigation. This tool is not meant to replace talking to a lending professional or to replace your possible need to for additional loan counseling, but it can be a great step in learning what type of loan the online finder thinks may be right for you. If you plan on applying for several loans online, then we recommend reading our special report about how Roboform can help save you time. We have also prepared a special report on staying safe when providing sensitive financial information online.

This type of online tool for loans asks what type of mortgage you desire, if you are willing to accept prepayment penalties, and other questions related to various lenders and options they provide. Simply perform a search on the Internet for “mortgage finder” and you will locate several choices of tools to use. The handy online finder tools may suggest types of loans you never before considered. It can help you as a finder for ways to save money on your mortgage as well.

The best online mortgage finder tool that we could find was at Yahoo UK, so for those outside of the UK you'll want to convert the information they request into British pounds.

A different type of locator is a directory of lenders. These online finders will help you locate lenders and describes each lender in a short blurb. You can choose to follow the link to that lender, or not, based on what types of loans or other information provided on the mortgage finder listing. Here is one such directory that lists current rates for some of the lenders listed in their directory.

An online guide to locate lenders can be a great help. Read the information returned about each mortgage lender and research each of them the finder returns thoroughly. Learn as much as possible regarding the types of mortgages you qualify to apply for, according to the mortgage finder. Be aware that an online finder is simply a software tool and can not take into account special situations that only a finance counselor could identify for you. Tools are great, but they do have limits.

The more you know about loans before you sign papers, the more you can save. Don’t discount any tool available because each and every mortgage tool will help you learn more and more and become a better mortgage shopper.

If you feel the need for a human finder for your mortgage, turn to a loan broker. These professionals make it there business to act as a finder of mortgage information and how to get a mortgage approved even for people that find it difficult to obtain approval.

Using a Mortgage Finder

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