Mortgage jobs are readily available – right now, today! And the mortgage industry is experiencing job growth in many sectors. With the economy in flux, it is a good idea to obtain a job that will not move overseas. Most sectors of financial lending are not an area threatened with job relocation or outsourcing to another country. Americans want to buy homes in America and mortgages are usually funded & processed right here in the U.S.

There are many lending related job opportunities within the arena of the financial world. Brokers, loan officers, mortgage underwriters and mortgage servicing jobs are all available. Within each type of employment, you will find mortgage jobs in both residential and commercial lending industries. There are also jobs in the mortgage field where you only work with developers seeking construction loans.

As you can see, the range of mortgage jobs provide many career opportunities for the person interested in finance and lending as a first career or as a career change. Do you have a background in sales with an education that lends itself well to the financial world? Consider taking a job as a mortgage originator. If you like helping people, you might consider the job of mortgage broker, finding mortgages for people. If you like jobs working with computers and numbers, mortgage auditor jobs might be where you want to look.

If you do not yet have all the education you need to obtain a mortgage job at a full-service loan origination firm, consider going into a job such as executive mortgage assistant while continuing your education. This way, you obtain experience while obtaining your degree. It is always easier to locate mortgage jobs when you have some experience. Then work your way up through the many mortgage jobs available.

Licensing for professional level mortgage jobs is required in most states. To learn exactly what the licensing requirements in your particular state is, turn to the Internet and search for “mortgage license requirements” followed by the name of your state. There is a search box at the bottom of this page for your convenience. A number of websites containing information about licensing requirements will be returned. Some of these sites cover all 50 states, but it is less confusing to study the requirements for your state alone.

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After you know the educational and work experience required as well as the specialized training for licensing in your state, you can begin to plan toward obtaining the goal of qualifying for mortgage related jobs. Many state require that a mortgage license be held by at least the owner of the company who must have at least 2 years hands-on mortgage experience and pass a state administered test proctored by a state agency, usually called the Department of Banking and Consumer Affairs or something similar. This agency ensures that people who work in mortgage jobs are qualified and the consumer will be protected from charlatans.

People always will need housing. And with housing comes the need for financing. Even in hard times, there will be many who use the market advantage to dig deep and catch a great deal on a home. During times of prosperity, people will want to step up in the size and caliber of home in which they invest. Consequently, during both booms & busts there will be opportunities to start a career in the mortgage industry.

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